At last, and after much trepidation, Beat Generation present the second volume of a three-volume set presenting the finest '60s and '70s cuts from essential Argentinian label Music Hall. Finally, and thanks to the hard work of the fine folks at Instituto Nacional de la Música de Argentina (INAMU) and the amazing selection job of Nekro (Fun People and Boom Boom Kid). This second volume shifts the focus more into the '70s and presents an amazing selection ranging from psychedelic to hard rock, raunchy instrumentals, soul, freak beat, or Moog sounds. 15 gems of '70s Argentinian music to melt your brain to. Features Banana, Experiencia, La Nueva Generación, Lord Lemon, Caballo Vapor, Sol, Trocha Angosta, Silvestre, Jumbo, Bobby Rivera Orchestra, Egle Martin, Reginal Palmeri, Africa, Music Hall Pop Orchestra, and Daphne And Cloe.

01. Tengo Sed 02:59
02. Segura Satisfacción 02:42
03. Shock 02:43
04. Un Montón De Amor 02:58
05. Tu Vuelo En Este Rock 02:39
06. Lo Que Llaman Suerte 03:24
07. Tema De Un Hombre Triste 02:58
08. Me Doy Cuenta 02:45
09. Buenos Aires Soul 02:03
10. Atasacado En El 03:01
11. Dombe Barilo 03:02
12. In Ovni 04:08
13. Solo Penetración 04:28
14. Salsa Picante 02:28
15. Lover Cha-Cha 02:27

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