It was a musical cocktail born in a marketing meeting: Two parts easy listening, one part jazz, a healthy dollop of conga drums, a sprinkling of bird calls, and a pinch of textless choir. Serve garnished with an alluring female on the album jacket for best results. Exotica! The soundtrack for a mythical air conditioned Eden, packaged for mid-century, tiki torch-wielding armchair safariers. Be it mosquito-bitten torch singers, landlocked surf quartets, fad-chasing jazz combos, mad genius band leaders, D-list actors, or a middle-aged loner programming bird calls into a Hammond, Exotica was always more concerned with what geography might sound like over who was conducting. Captured across three albums are 48 curious examples of the short-lived genre's reach, each summoning their own sonic visions of Shangri La, bringing their versions of the Pacific, Africa, and the Orient to the hinterlands of America. Technicolor Paradise is where one makes it, after all.

LP 1
1. Blue Oasis - By Chuck "Big Guitar" Ernest with the Satellite Band
2. Marooned - By The Sound Breakers
3. Driftwood - By The Wailers
4. The Moon of Manakoora - By Lenny & the Thundertones
5. Midnight In Montevideo - By Biscaynes with Co-Encidentals
6. Chant of the Jungle - By Red Harrison & His Zodiacs
7. Jungle Guitar - By The Palatons
8. Live with the Moon - By Chayns
9. Cobra (feat. James Mills) - By Bailey's Nervous Kats
10. Sound of Mecca - By The Blazers
11. Slave Girl - By The Gems
12. The Arabian Knight - By Jerry & the Catalinas
13. Night Walker - By The Jaguars
14. Blue Castaway - By The Shelltones
15. Atlantis - By The Blue Bells
16. Paradise Isle - By Bill & Jean Bradway

LP 2
1. Enchantment - By The Melody Mates
2. Nature Boy (feat. The Voice of Love) - By Don Reed
3. Tumba - By The Baton of Andre Brummer
4. Silent Island - By Darla Hood
5. Lotus Land - By Martha Raye with Phil Moore Orchestra
6. Nightengale of Paradise - By Baha'i Victory Chorus
7. Isle of Love - By Carmen
8. Forever Walks a Drifte - By The Monzas
9. Voodoo Drums - By Akim
10. Voodoo Kiss - By Don Sargent & his Buddies
11. Captured - By Joan Joyce Trio
12. Tobago - By Pony Sherrell
13. Enchantress - By Jerry Warren & the Valids
14. Polynesian Paradise - By The Centuries
15. My House of Grass - By The Potted Palm
16. Enchantment - By The Castiles

LP 3
1. Quiet Village - By Five Glow Tones
2. Silent Island - By Modesto Duran & Orchestra
3. Tam-bu Theme - By Ross Anderson Chorus & Orchestra
4. Caravan - By Bobby Christian
5. Arabian Rhythm - By Bruce Norman Quintet
6. Hari's Harem - By The Slaves
7. Similou - By Arnie Derksen & Chisé
8. Caribbean Cruise (feat. Nicky Roberts) - By Three Bars
9. Chant of the Moon - By Robert Drasnin
10. Moon Mist - By Blue Jeans
11. The Enchanting Melody - By Artie Barsamian
12. Jazz in Port Said - By Eddie Kochak & Hakki Obidia
13. Tanganyika - By Gene Sikora & the Irrationals
14. Dark Continent - By Bobby Paris
15. Locura (Madness) - By Chico Jose
16. Lost Island - By Clyde Derby

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