Disco divas, funky queens, and glam ladies in '70s and early '80s Taiwan! Due to its extremely complex history, Taiwan in the '70s saw the creation of some incredibly special music in which the sounds being created at the moment from the west collided with the special sensitivity of Taiwanese musicians, creating a delicious mixture you'll need to hear to believe. Taiwan Disco shines a light on the music created by Taiwanese women during those years ('70s and early '80s) to present a mind-blowing collection of songs with sounds ranging from wild funk to apace glam, exotic disco or fuzzed-out soul. Here's the ticket to some crazy Taiwan nights, get those dancing shoes ready, it's time to shake it! Features Wu Xiu Zhu (吳秀珠), Hua Yi Bao (華怡保), Cui Tai Jing (崔台青), Zou Juan Juan (邹娟娟), Chen Lan Li (陳蘭麗), Wang Xiang Ling (王祥齡), Tian Lu Lu (田路路), Liu Guan Lin (劉冠霖), Wu Xiu Zhu (吳秀珠), Luo Yan Li (駱豔麗), Yu San Shan (于三珊), and Zhang Bei Xin (張蓓心).

A1. Wu Xiu Zhu (吳秀珠) - 我不知道我愛你
A2. Hua Yi Bao (華怡保) - 綉荷包
A3. Cui Tai Jing (崔台青) - 愛的風
A4. Zou Juan Juan (邹娟娟) -姑娘的酒窩
A5. Chen Lan Li (陳蘭麗) - 海浪花
A6. Wang Xiang Ling (王祥齡) - 高山大海
B1. Tian Lu Lu (田路路)
B2. Liu Guan Lin (劉冠霖) - 往情深
B3. Wu Xiu Zhu (吳秀珠) - 找不到你
B4. Luo Yan Li (駱豔麗) - 午夜香吻
B5. Yu San Shan (于三珊) - 嘿 ! 眼鏡姑娘
B6. Zhang Bei Xin (張蓓心) - 别讓愛溜走

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