28 tracks forming the rambunctious soundtrack for this cult movie featuring angst-ridden girls with guns in an exceedingly hokey plot line. With dialogue snippets and a host of brash confrontational juvenile delinquent anthems - all taken from the wild and exotic side of the Cramps' crazy collection - it's an epic B-movie. With a cavalcade of tunes about killers, mean women, everyday madness, tongue-tied tantrums, motorcycle mayhem, peroxide-sporting vagabonds and a hopped up Model Ford. Including cuts from Jerry Lee Lewis, Jackie Dee, Sonny Burgess, Sparkle Moore, Gene Simmons, Marie Knight and a whole host more. Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by MOJO magazine's Dave Henderson.

01. Sonny Burgess - Red Headed Woman
02. Jerry Lee Lewis - Mean Woman Blues
03. Jimmy Yancey - Death Letter Blues
04. Bill Browning And His Echo Valley Boys - Sinful Woman
05. The Fanatics - Oogly Googly Eyes
06. The Viscounts - Harlem Nocturne
07. Garrett Williams - Motorcycle Millie
08. Four Young Men - You Been Torturing Me
09. Jackie Dee - Trouble
10. Debbie Stevens - If You Can't Rock Me
11. Ruth Brown - As Long As I'm Moving
12. Abie ‘Available’ Baker - The Web
13. Betty Mcquade - Tongue Tied
14. The Miller Sisters - Ten Cats Down
15. Andy Starr - She's A Going Jessie
16. Gene Simmons - Peroxide Blonde And A Hopped Up Model Ford
17. Maximillian - The Snake
18. Marie Knight - I Thought I Told You About Them
19. Jimmy Yancey - 12th and Dearborn
20. The Halos - Nag
21. Sparkle Moore - Killer
22. Milton Allen - Don't Bug Me Baby
23. Don Feger - Don't Be Mad
24. The Carnations - Scorpion
25. George Fleming - I'm Gonna Tell On You
26. Bill Bowen - Don't Shoot Me Baby (I'm Not Ready To Die)
27. Kuf-Linx Featuring John Jennings - Service With a Smile
28. Bobby Christian - Enough Man

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