NERDS! Unless you were head cheerleader or captain of the football team, watching this flm was a rite of passage (and indeed, sweet revenge) for any '80s high schooler or college matriculator; in fact, Revenge of the Nerds was such a classic that it spawned three sequels. But none of them compare to the 1984 original, which substituted the socially challenged ''I.T. guy'' for the slobs of Animal House in its classic underdog story complete with nerd gets girl happy ending. Along the way it offers something to offend just about everyone, especially in today's ''woke'' climate, but one thing about the movie has stood the test of time: its killer new wave soundtrack! ''One Foot in Front of the Other'' by Bone Symphony-produced by Giorgio Moroder protege Richie Zito-might be the highlight, but ''Are You Ready for the Sex Girls'' by Gleaming Spires and ''Right Time for Love'' by Pat Robinson & Jill Michaels have their share of devotees. And any soundtrack with two tracks by The Rubinoos is just fne in our book! For its maiden vinyl reissue, we at Real Gone Music have pressed up 1000 copies in limited edition ''pocket protector brown'' vinyl...gentlemen, start your turntables (and your slide rules)!

  • 'Pocket Protector' Brown Colored Vinyl, reissue, limited to 1000

Side 1
1. Manhattan
Performed By Andrea & Hot Mink
2. Don't Talk
Performed By Ya Ya
3. One Foot In Front Of The Other
Performed By Bone Symphony
4. Breakdown
Performed By The Rubinoos
5. Revenge Of The Nerds
Performed By The Rubinoos
Side 2
1. They're So Incredible
Performed By Revenge
2. Are You Ready?
Performed By Ya Ya
3. Are You Ready For The Sex Girls
Performed By Gleaming Spires
4. Right Time For Love
Performed By Pat Robinson And
Jill Michaels
5. All Night Party
Performed By Gleaming Spires

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