As most library music geeks know, some of the finest, oddest and most sought-after library music comes from Italy. But collecting it is an expensive business, and one full of risks – many library LPs are one trackers but will still set you back hundreds. The second Pheon Records LP release is a trip through the Cometa library music vaults. To buy the originals featured here would cost you thousands of pounds today. How mental is that! So, here we present a twelve tracker – twelve killer cues of library gold; jazz, abstracted oddness, killer percussion, amazing ideas, beautiful sound – and all for a bargain price. These cues were all recorded in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and all come from possibly the most desirable library label of all, “SR”, a company originally set up by The Sermi Film Co. The original recordings are now mostly owned by Cometa, hence our album title. The composers are masters of the genre, the musicians faultless. It’s a superb comp, very limited, with no chance of a repress.

01. I Marc 4 – Hyde Park
02. Francesco De Masi – L’Infinito Orizzonte Dei Mari E Delle
03. Francesco De Masi – La Fame
04. I Marc 4 – Piccadilly Circus
05. Gino Marinuzi Jnr – Battaglia Di Ritmi
06. Alessandroni – Giovani Flirt
07. Alessandroni – Acque Azzure
08. Stefano Torossi – Sixth Dimension
09. Stefano Torossi – Coast To Coast
10. Jnr – Battaglia Di Ritmi
11. Alessandroni – Giovani Flirt
12. Alessandroni – Acque Azzure
13. Stefano Torossi – Sixth Dimension
14. Stefano Torossi – Coast To Coast
15. Giovanni Tommaso – Metropolis
16. Francesco De Masi – Altalena party
17. Luigo Zito – Miscellanea - Movimento

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