"Pinky Violence Best Sound Collection" represents the best of BGM music from the Pinku Eiga films, produced in the early 70's by Nikkatsu and Toei by MASAO YAGI, HAJIME KABURAGI, ICHIRO ARAKI.

The collection was curated and compiled by Gianluca 2Daze Beccarisi for Tava Tava Rare label. The artwork made of Deep Masito Destroy & Rebuild GRFX. "

  • Limited Edition to 300 Copies, some copies included poster and sticker

A1. 女番長タイマン勝負 M-19
Author – Hajime Kaburagi 0:15
A2. 女番長タイマン勝負 M-3
Author – Hajime Kaburagi 2:59
A3. ナイト・トレイン 2:32
A4. 女番長 M-12
Author – Masao Yagi 2:31
A5. 女番長 M-2
Author – Masao Yagi 1:57
A6. 野良犬 1:16
A7. 恐怖女子高校 女暴力教室 M-3A
Author – Masao Yagi 1:32
A8. 恐怖女子高校 暴行リンチ教室 M-7
Author – Masao Yagi 2:40
B1. いつか男は去って行く 2:01
B2. やさぐれ姐御伝 総括リンチ M-34B
Author – Hajime Kaburagi 4:29
B3. 女番長 感化院脱走 M-18,19
Author – Ichiro Araki 2:51
B4. 女番長 感化院脱走 M-7
Author – Ichiro Araki 1:38
B5. 温泉みみず芸者 M-3
Author – Hajime Kaburagi 1:20
B6. ふうてんぐらしpart.2(前科おんな 殺し節|カラオケ)
Author – Reiko Ike 1:10
B7. 0のバラード -女の爪あと-(唄-杉本美樹)
Author – Miki Sugimoto 2:05
B8. のバラード -女の爪あと- Part.2(唄-杉本美樹)
Author – Miki Sugimoto 1:10

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