CINEPLOIT is celebrating it ́s 5th anniversary with a Label Compilation dedicated to the one and only ENNIO MORRICONE. 10 exclusive Tracks from all artists of the lables roster including ZOLTAN, RASHOMON, ORGASMO SONORE, THELEMA, SOSPETTO, LAWA (= LEONARD/WANK), VIDEOGRAM, LUIGI PORTO & OSCILLOTRON. As a special surprise ORGASMO SONORE team up with SOSPETTO with a wonderful version of the driving track ADONAI! Music from Films like EXORCIST 2, THE THING, SPASMO, REVOLVER, LIZARD IN A WOMANS SKIN, BANDITS IN ROME, THE OCTOPUS, THE IRON PREFECT and many more!

CD Version has 1 Bonus Track, an epic version of “Revolver” by LAWA.

  • LP (180g coloured Vinyl, Gatefold sleeve, UV Spot, poly-lined Innersleeve, Inlay)
  • CD (LP style wallet, 8 page booklet)

01. Zoltan – Pazuzu (from „Exorcist 2“)
02. Videogram – The Thing (from S/T)
03. Orgasmo Sonore vs. Sospetto - Adonai (from „Il Giardino delle Delizie“)
04. Rashomon – Stress Infinito (from „Spasmo“)
05. Oscillotron – La Lucertola (from „Una lucertola con la pelle di donna“)
06. LAWA (Leonard/Wank) – Sentanza di Morte (from „Roma come Chicago“)
07. Orgasmo Sonore – Matto, Caldo,...Girotondo (from „Vergogna Schifosi“)
08. Luigi Porto – Strana Bambina (La Piovra)
09. Thelema – Die Ballade von Präfekt Mori (from „Il Prefetto di Ferro“)
10. Sospetto - Inseguimento No. 2 & 3 (from "Una breve stagione")
11. LAWA (Leonard/Wank) – Revolver (from “Revolver”) * CD Bonus

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