Italoconnection. Italo legend Federico Di Bonaventura aka Fred Ventura with sound specialist Paolo Gozzetti. After years of collaborations, remixes and productions comes the first real album from this duo. Following Voyage, this hit squad are linking up with a spread of extraordinary talent for an album that explores a cityscape of variety. From the avenues of synth pop and plazas of space disco, the boulevards of italo to new wave skyscrapers: Metropoli.

The beautiful tones of Francesca Gastaldi feature prominently on this brand new album, tones which marry perfectly with addictive synthlines. Of course, Mr Ventura is at the LP’s core, an artist who continues to define Italo Disco with his unmistakable presence, style and voice. Lyrical partnerships are pivotal across the eleven tracks. Old friends and new have come together, meeting against a backdrop of radiant keys, clean-shaven beats and deep pads. Alessandra Contini of Il Genio, Martin Blix of Italove and Italo godfather Francesco Rago (of ‘Lectric Workers, Decadance, Expansives, and Wanexa fame) all lend their unique attitudes, experiences and voices for some incredibly special music.

Italoconnection’s most daring and dynamic release to date, Metropoli is the summary of all Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti experiences. It is their electronic music manifesto, a manifesto with an European vision, a sound journey with an unknown destination. An album that will open vistas and visions of Italo past, present and future, music of vintage class with a modern and cosmopolitan allure: Metropoli.

01. Horizon
02. Humanize
03. Sleeping
04. King Of The Night
05. Neon Disco
06. Unbelievable
07. Voyage
08. Life Happens
09. Conversation
10. Exil
11. Metropoli

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