Wan Chai Records is a Hong Kong-based label, specialized in rare Asian records and quality reissues. For their third release, after a few years of hard digging and historical researches, they went deeper with Hong Kong Score, an introspection into the music of the Chinese cinema industry with a selection of tracks from Hong-Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, specially produced for movies and illustrations. The result is a compilation of 12 totally unknown gems sung mostly in Mandarin and Cantonese, from real deep instrumentals, hip-hop breaks, Ethio-style crazy drums, to heavy bass in the Alain Goraguer style. This is an amazing introduction to '60s and '70s Chinese music, an inspiration for beat-makers, and a must-have for novices or Asian vintage music lovers. Features: Yao Su Rong, Lena Lim, Li Tai-Hsiang, Teresa Teng, The Apollo, Yuan Ye San Chong Chang, Soul Dance Music, Li Tai-Hsiang, You Ya, New Wave Orchestra, Chang Siao Ying, and Xian Jin Ren and Zeng Zhong Ying.

  • LP version, gatefold sleeve

01. Face Red, Heart Laugh
02. Where Is My Love
03. Sister Rainbow
04. Violin
05. Memories
06. Warm

07. Johnny Guitar
08. Oriental Lovers
09. Three Appointments
10. Huayue League
11. Lonely Heart
12. Aizu Bandai-San

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