Wan Chai Records is a Hong Kong based label, specializing in rare Asian records and quality reissues. After a few years of hard diggin' in Asia, meeting the artists and many local figures of the '60s, '70s, and '80s scene in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, the label wanted to share their best finds and put them together with the best productions ever made in soul-jazz, disco, funk, modern-soul, and AOR. The result is a selection of ten totally unknown gems sung mostly in English and Cantonese with amazing covers of classics like "Lovin' You", "Make Me Believe In You", or "Hurt So Bad". Features Ajl Band, The Reflection, Charing Carpio, Deanie, Tracy, Julie Sue, Oscar & His Orchestra, The New Topnotes, Louie Castro, and Rita Kwong.

01. Ajl Band - This Is No Horse
02. The Reflection - Take It To The Bossman
03. Charing Carpio - Swearin' To God
04. Deanie - 輕輕嘆
05. Tracy - Hurt So Bad
06. Julie Sue - Day's Dreamin
07. Oscar & His Orchestra - Make Me Believe In You
08. The New Topnotes - Gotta Be The One
09. Louie Castro - You're The Love
10. Rita Kwong - Lovin' You

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