Heat is the soundtrack album to the 1995 film Heat. The score is compiled mostly with Elliot Goldenthal's orchestrations although there are a variety of other artists featured including U2/Brian Eno project Passengers, Lisa Gerrard, Moby and Terje Rypdal.

Goldenthal explained his thinking behind the score:

In Heat, Michael Mann and I were going for an atmospheric situation. It was the first time I used what I like to call a "guitar orchestra" - where I use six or eight guitars, all playing with different tunings stacked up on top of each other in a musical way, and a mixed meter of percussion. It wasn't a type of score where you needed a big orchestral theme or you had to actually hit certain actions with music at specific times. It was much closer to the European mentality of film scoring.

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01. "Heat" Elliot Goldenthal Kronos Quartet 7:41
02. "Always Forever Now" (from Original Soundtracks 1, 1995) U2; Brian Eno Passengers 6:54
03. "Condensers" Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Goldenthal 2:35
04. "Refinery Surveillance" Elliot Goldenthal Kronos Quartet 1:45
05. "Last Nite" (from Blue, 1987) Terje Rypdal Terje Rypdal & The Chasers 3:29
06. "Ultramarine" (from Cobalt Blue, 1992) Michael Brook Michael Brook 4:35
07. "Armenia" (from Zeichnungen des Patienten O. T., 1983) Blixa Bargeld; F.M. Einheit Einstürzende Neubauten 4:58
08. "Of Helplessness" Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Goldenthal 2:39
09. "Steel Cello Lament" Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Goldenthal 1:43
10. "Mystery Man" (from The Singles Collection, 1989) Terje Rypdal Terje Rypdal & The Chasers 4:39
11. "New Dawn Fades" (from I Like to Score, 1997) Ian Curtis; Peter Hook; Stephen Morris; Bernard Sumner Moby 2:51
12. "Entrada & Shootout" Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Goldenthal 1:49
13. "Force Marker" Brian Eno Brian Eno 3:36
14. "Coffee Shop" Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Goldenthal 1:38
15. "Fate Scrapes" Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Goldenthal 1:34
16. "La Bas: Song of the Drowned [Edited Version]" (from The Mirror Pool, 1995) Lisa Gerrard Lisa Gerrard 3:10
17. "Gloradin" (from The Mirror Pool, 1995) Lisa Gerrard Lisa Gerrard 3:56
18. "Run Uphill" Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Goldenthal 2:51
19. "Predator Diorama" Elliot Goldenthal Kronos Quartet 2:40
20. "Of Separation" Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Goldenthal 2:21
21. "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters" (from Everything Is Wrong, 1995)

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