"Holy moly, if it isn’t a reissue of the super legendary Four Stars comp! This terrific artifact documenting Wellington New Zealand’s postpunk scene was originally released in 1980 (in an edition of 250) & copies have been as rare as a chook’s tooth ever since. Four ultra obscure bands-Life In The Fridge Exists, Wallsockets, Naked Spots Dance & Beat Rhythm Fashion-comprise these two sides & offer a fantastic snapshot of a radical DIY scene that played out in a vacuum at the bottom of the world. A great bookend to the excellent AK79 comp released at roughly the same time, this is a one-time reissue edition of 250 & a must-own for any fevered collector of New Zealand’s enigmatic, pre Flying Nun underground. Leave no stone unturned!"—Zander Van Dijk, Swineken Recordings

A1. Life In The Fridge Exists Have You Checked The Children 3:04
A2. Wallsockets H & C 1:43
A3. Naked Spots Dance Secrets 2:19
A4. Beat Rhythm Fashion None In The Universe 2:32
A5. Wallsockets Euthanasia 2:58
A6. Naked Spots Dance Crescendo/Circle Moon 3:36
A7. Wallsockets Blue Meanie 3:01
B1. Wallsockets Snerl 2:34
B2. Life In The Fridge Exists First Death Take 3:25
B3. Naked Spots Dance Banana Baby 2:33
B4. Beat Rhythm Fashion Not Necessary 2:07
B5. Naked Spots Dance Subtractions 1:58
B6. Life In The Fridge Exists Peter The D 6:00

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