Across 120 sprawling, electrifying minutes, the soundtrack to Desire Will Set You Free, written and directed by Yony Leyser (director of William S. Burroughs: A Man Within), paints a picture of contemporary underground Berlin. The movie, a queer, rambunctious odyssey through sex clubs, bars, and unearthly parties, draws influence from paragons of cult cinema like Slava Tsukerman, director of Liquid Sky, and John Waters. The soundtrack, an appropriate companion piece, also draws the film’s subcultural wellspring, featuring selections from alt-royalty like Peaches, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Rummelsnuff, Dev Hynes of Blood Orange and Samantha Urbani, Molly Nilsson and more.​

01. “If You Want…”
02. Samt und Stein
03. A Woman's Right to Choose
04. You, You
05. Metropole
06. Hundmann
07. “This is the Patriarchal…”
08. “Aren't You A Little…”
09. Desire
10. Nite Life
11. Wolfen Up
12. Hannelore
13. She's a Prostitute
14. “The Smell Of…”
15. F*ck My Ass Hard (Steve Morell's NU-Disco Version)
16. Carousel
17. Where Goes the Night
18. Nightclubbing
19. “No Freaky Gikky…”
20. Meanwhile in Berlin
21. The Coming Insurrection
22. Holy Water
23. Sasha
24. Golden Voice
25. Just Drifting (feat. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge)

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