To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the documentary Crumb, Cinema Paradiso Recordings are proud to announce that they will be releasing the soundtrack to the film for the first time ever on vinyl.

Featuring the film’s director, Terry Zwigoff’s selection of tracks from the 1994 film, the vinyl opens with Robert Crumb’s musings on music, “When I listen to old music it’s one of the few times I actually have kind of a love of humanity. You hear the best part of the soul of the common people you know, their way of expressing their connection to eternity or whatever you want to call it. Modern music doesn’t have that and it’s a calamitous loss that people can’t express themselves that way any more you know.”

Alongside the black vinyl gatefold edition, there will be also a strictly limited edition picture disc release featuring the art of Robert Crumb, pressed to only 1000 units worldwide.

The soundtrack features jazz and ragtime pieces mostly performed by David Boeddinghaus on Piano with Craig Ventresco on guitar. To launch the release Cinema Paradiso Recordings are presenting an immersive screening of the documentary film Crumb and Ghost World – also directed by Terry Zwigoff.

Both Robert Crumb and Terry Zwigoff will be doing a joint Q&A at The Troxy on September 28th, and will also be playing live as part of "R. Crumb's Hollywood Four” alongside Craig Ventresco and David Boeddinghaus.

"R. Crumb's Hollywood Four” features Robert Crumb on Mandolin, Terry Zwigoff on Cello, Craig Ventresco on guitar and David Boeddinghaus on piano.

  • First time ever released on vinyl
  • Strictly limited edition picture disc of 1000 worldwide featuring Crumb artwork
  • 180g Vinyl with gatefold sleeve and 78” labels
  • Exclusive soundtrack intro by Robert Crumb from film

01. Crumb - Robert Crumb
02. Ragtime Nightingale - David Boeddinghaus, Craig Ventresco
03. Sensation Rag - Craig Ventresco
04. Harlem Strut - David Boeddinghaus
05. Abraham Jefferson Washington Lee - Craig Ventresco
06. Last Kind Word Blues - Geechie Wiley
07. Radiator Cap Blues - Craig Ventresco
08. Frog-I-More Rag - David Boeddinghaus
09. Cocaine - Craig Ventresco
10. Pass The Jug - David Boeddinghaus
11. Skinny Leg Blues - Geechie Wiley
12. 35th Street Blues - David Boeddinghaus
13. Mabel's Dream - David Boeddinghaus
14. Hateful Blues - Craig Ventresco
15. A Real Slow Drag - David Boeddinghaus
16. Comic Montage Stomp - David Boeddinghaus, Craig Ventresco
17. Ragtime Nightingale - Craig Ventresco

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