Following last summer’s release of the score to Midnight Demon, Spun Out Of Control returns to the vaults to unearth the ‘lost’ score to its sequel, Midnight Demon 2. Again performed and produced by short-lived LA synth duo Turquoise Moon, this release has been curated and re-mastered to polished perfection by contemporary composer Andy Fosberry (aka Sunset Graves).

About the score to ‘Midnight Demon 2’:

Provided with a higher recording budget than they had for the score of the first film, Turquoise Moon were able to use a fully fledged studio instead of their basement. For some of this new music they had access to session drummer Greg Phillips, with whom they had previously worked on their as-yet-unreleased 1985 studio album.

Using an E-mu SP-12 sampler, alongside a Juno 106, a Prophet 5, a Roland SH-101 and a glitch-y Yamaha DX-7,as well as their own tried and tested rigs, Turquoise Moon expanded on their usual textures and sounds to deliver a darker, heavier tone that fit the second film’s grittier and more melancholy feel.

The soundtrack for Midnight Demon 2 was written and recorded in Los Angeles throughout 1986. After that, the duo called it quits and left the city for reasons that still remain unclear more than 30 years later…

A strictly limited run of 160 cassettes on a blue and pink dual-coloured shell, as well as a digital download. Cover and inlay artwork referencing the 1986 movie is provided by label-regular Eric Adrian Lee.

01. Alone Out Here (Main Titles) 03:00
02. It's A Life 01:11
03. At Night, She Preys 02:32
04. Follow Me, Find Me, Kill Me 02:45
05. Back On The Case 02:48
06. I Know Who You Are 02:36
07. The Stakeout 02:09
08. Rooftop Face-off 02:52
09. Another Sunset Decision 01:56
10. So Sorry, You Have To Die 03:38
11. Extinction Countdown 02:10
12. The Purge Of LA (End Titles) 02:56

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