Laced Records in collaboration with Devolver Digital and Pixel Titans bring you the original soundtrack to STRAFE.

These amazing looking disks defy logic, they are made of wax yet they hold FIRE… HOT… JAMS. Utilizing NASA’s own space age technology Pixel Titans, Devolver and Laced Records worked tirelessly to wrangle the ferocious tracks of STRAFE® onto these disks.

ToyTree hasn’t been seen since the completion of the soundtrack and many theorize that he returned to hell after delivering this soundtrack. Some say he’s made a deal with the Devil but others think he is the Devil.

Caution: Breaking disks may free demons and/or begin an extinction event.

  • X2 180gram Vinyl (X1 Orange / X1 Red)
  • Thick Card Gatefold Sleeve on reverse board print

01. Slain
02. Enter The Complex
03. Domed
04. Sanctuary
05. The Black Canyon
06. Plague
07. No Escape
08. Not Alone
09. Tremors
10. Baptism
11. Paint It Red
12. Wrath
13. Just Chill
14. Resilience
15. Luftenstein
16. Bitter Depths
17. Abandon
18. Decadence
19. Bang Bang
20. Shallow Grave
21. The Burbs
22. Ruined
23. So Many Dead

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