The telephone rings at midnight. The sound echoes through the halls of your home in the Hollywood hills. Nervously you pick up the heavy receiver only to hear the desperate breathing of a lunatic… The same lunatic that has been calling for months. Welcome to ‘Deranged Fan’ the score to an imagined American thriller by Tom Guycot. Laying somewhere between the Italian and French legends and Harold Faltermeyer, Deranged Fan is Beverly Hills Cop on mescaline and chloroform. Vintage strings sing over analog bass on a journey to the darkest places of your mind… Can you escape your fate as one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood? Or will you end up just another tabloid fable…

01. Breathing
02. Deranged Fan
03. Rooftop Surveillance
04. Legends
05. Shadows Appear
07. Shadows Appear (Suite)
08. Rooftop Surveillance (Alternate Mix)

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