Originally released in the arcades in 1988, but quickly ported over to SEGA’s new Mega Drive console, where it entered countless homes as a pack-in game, Altered Beast remains memorable for many things over its gameplay, not least its soundtrack. Composed by Tohru “Master” Nakabayashi, the music of Altered Beast moves between intense battle themes and cavernous dirges; the perfect backdrop to traversing the netherworld, punching pigs and powering up.

Sourced from original hardware and carefully mastered for vinyl, Altered Beast is presented as a 45RPM cut LP in a 400g matte varnished sleeve and printed inner sleeve, both of which feature hand-painted artwork from the SEGA archives. Also included is a foldout poster of the original painting used for the game’s box art.

  • Available on 180g opaque orange vinyl

01. Rise from Your Grave
02. Altered Beast
03. Gaum Hermer
04. Crystal Theme
05. Closed in Upon Me
06. I’ll Be Back
07. I’m Not Scared of Wolves
08. Game Over

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