Streets of synth fire! Spun Out of Control is very proud to announce the debut of US-based electronic artist Timothy Fife and Berlin-based ex-Discharge, ex-Doctor and the Crippens drummer Dave Ellesmere on the label, with their scintillating electronic film score for ‘The Streets Run Red’, another first.

Sure to enthuse fans of 80s soundtracks from Goblin & John Carpenter, our tape release, presented on a choice of ‘Black As Night’ matt black or ‘Streets Run Red’ Blood Red cassettes shells, features movie-inspired artwork on double-sided J-card from regular label contributor Eric Adrian Lee (DeathWaltz/Mondo, Giallo Disco and Wil-Ru Records) and is limited to a run of 150 cassettes in total (75 black/75 red). Catalogue number: SOS016.

Director Paul M McAlarney on ‘The Streets Run Red’ movie & film score:

The Streets Run Red follows two detectives on their endless, dizzying pursuit of a serial killer nicknamed “The Kubrick Killer”. When they are stuck working the overnight shift they unknowingly share the building with the madman they’ve been hunting for years, while he spends the night in a holding cell awaiting bail on a coincidental manslaughter charge. Featuring horror and b-horror legends Tony Moran (John Carpenter’s Halloween), Lloyd Kaufman (co-founder of Troma Films), and Suzi Lorraine (Bikini Girls On Ice and Model Hunger), The Streets Run Red is Ungovernable Films’ stab at the classic giallo and 1970s crime thriller genres, but not without loads of their usual obscene ‘fun’!

The original soundtrack to the giallo-inspired Ungovernable Film The Streets Run Red accompanies the film wonderfully, borrowing from musical styles as diverse as the inspirations for the film itself, such as Italo disco, experimental noise and electronica, jazz, techno, and countless others. These mesmerizing score tracks from composers Timothy Fife and Dave Ellesmere reflect the seamless nature of their partnership with writer/director Paul M McAlarney and their ability to create a sound perfectly interwoven with the film and its dark, exciting, and even humorous themes.

Fife and McAlarney began their working relationship in 2013 on the film Honky Holocaust, and Ellesmere joined the team the following year during the post-production phase of The Ungovernable Force. Timothy Fife lives in New Hampshire and has worked on a number of film scores as well as his own albums for Death Waltz Records. Dave Ellesmere hails from England and Germany and has recorded and performed with legendary punk bands Discharge, Disgust, The Insane, and Doctor and the Crippens as a drummer, and is now a renowned electronic music artist and DJ.

  • ‘Streets Run Red’ Blood Red

Side A
01. Gomorrah (Theme From The Streets Run Red)
02. Superbowl
03. Murder and Self Defense
04. The Robbery
05. Flesh
06. Fifth One This Year
07. Dude Is Deadly
08. Hard On

Side B
01. A Midnight Stroll
02. Coal
03. Kinky
04. Disneyland
05. Open Sesame
06. Django Out
07. Encrypted Or Complete
08. The Morning After
09. Eureka
10. The Streets Run Red (Closing Titles)

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