On its fifth release Thelema – aka sonic alchemist Hans Jürgen – continues the journey into cinematic soundscapes developed over the past decade-plus. Hypnotic harmonies combine with organic sounds from other worlds to create something akin to both Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks soundtracks and heavy, melancholy trip-hop. This new album features more prominent usage of vocals than on previous records, with a musical backdrop based around drums, violins and keyboards generating a haunting, mesmerizing atmosphere. Let Thelema guide you through this adventure of the senses, a perfect soundtrack for your autumn and winter listening pleasure!

  • 180g Vinyl, printed Innersleeve, limited, 300 copies pitch black

01. Heart
02. Fog
03. Wind
04. Blood
05. Form
06. Still
07. Air
08. Storm
09. Bone
10. Life
11. Sleep

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