The Psychic Circle Unleashes a Cosmic Fuzz Psych Experience with 'View From The Magician's Window' — An Album of Saturated Tones, Fuzz Guitars, Baroque Keys, and Cosmic Moog Synthesizers on Hypnotic Motorik Beats. A Blend of Giallo Film Score Aesthetics Meets Mind-Bending Psychedelia in a Cosmic Krautrock Gem. Perfect for fans of Goblin and Early King Crimson.

  • Blood Moon vinyl

01. Dawn Of The Psychic Circle
02. Magick
03. Winter Illumination
04. Six Swords Of The Serpent
05. View From The Magicians Window part 1
06. View From The Magicians Window part 2
07. View From The Magicians Window part 3
08. The Garden Of Your Mind
09. Pathways
10. Burning Of The Psychic Circle
11. Sorceres Nightmare
12. Strange Alchemy
13. Immortal Mountain
14. The Humble Acolyte
15. Wizard Fuzz

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