Seductive but perilous, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble's session under the Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation name is a new combination of drones and jazz. Creating sensual, murky and dark atmospheres, “Succubus” the evolution of this band, with stronger horns and a focus on hypnotic, soundtrack-like material. A deep, dark and yet seductive trip again for the corporation. After the corpses, the succubus. Faithful to the original The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble concept of drawing inspiration from movies, they recording what later became “Succubus” while watching Jess Franco's film of the same name. This iconic 1969 movie, with its strong erotic mood, fragmented story line and oneiric photography encompasses perfectly the goal and means of TKDE / TMFJDC, in the way the band builds mesmerizing, deep and otherworldly atmospheres.

01. The Sexy Midnight Torture Show (4:28)
02. Erotic Love Queen (6:34)
03. Strange Dreams (4:30)
04. Castles By The Sea (1:32)
05. The Admirals Game (7:13)
06. The Morning After (6:58)
07. Perverted Pleasure Party (5:40)
08. A Bad Trip (5:49)
09. A Place For Fantasies (8:43)
10. Murder Against Mannequins (1:57)
11. Fleeing The Scene (5:18)
12. Deadly Rehearsals (8:18)
13. Faustine (8:29)

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