THE MASK (aka. Eyes of Hell) is a cult psychological suspense film from 1961 - both Canada's first "horror" film, and it's first 3D motion picture.

This special vinyl-only edition features Myron Schaeffer's original soundtrack to The Mask's hallucinatory 3-D sequences for the very first time on any format, as well as a new live score composed by the group LARVA.

Schaeffer was appointed first director of Toronto's Electronic Music Studio in 1959, and his visceral electroacoustic sound collages for The Mask were at the time billed as having been recorded in ELECTRO MAGIC SOUND. The results are highly reminiscent of Louis & Bebe Barron's groundbreaking score for FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956), just four years earlier.

Inspired by the primal screech and skronk of Myron Schaeffer's pioneering soundtrack, LARVA set out to re-score The Mask's bizarre 3D nightmares using only basic sound sources and effects - oscillators, treated guitar, analogue synths, theremin, old-skool tape echo/spring reverb and live foley sound effects. The score was premiered at Flatpack Film Festival in 2013 and toured a number of other festivals before being recorded onto ½" tape for this special dual release.

Ondes Positives is thrilled that The Mask - Soundtracks also coincides with the restoration and re-release of the film. Produced by the 3-D Film Archive in association with Kino Lorber, it has been restored using the best remaining 35mm elements to create a 2K polarized 3D print which was premiered at Toronto Int'l Film Festival in Sept 2015, following which it will be available in selected theatres and on Blu Ray & DVD.


  • 2x Single-Sided Label-less Discs,
  • Transparent Cyan/Magenta Vinyl
  • 425gsm Matte Laminated Gatefold Sleeve
  • Die-Cut "Eyes of Hell" Inner Gatefold Design
  • Fully Screen Printed Overbag
  • Insert Sheets with Full Liner Notes
  • Reproduction of Original Theatrical Lobby Card
  • Large Facsimile Postcard (148mm x 210mm) of The Mask Re-Issue Poster by 'Ghoulish' Gary Pullin
  • Hand Numbered Certificate

"The original Mask score is outstanding – it sucks you in like few things I’ve listened to. It’s like David Lynch meets Metal Machine Music! I cannot believe this is from 1961."
- Aaron Hamel, The Ship to Shore Phono Co.

"The hallucinations are genuinely odd and darkly atmospheric, qualities brought out by Larva's terrific live re-scoring."
- Sight & Sound

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