M-T Archives present a reissue of The Manson Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson, originally released in 1986. Freak folk, acid-country, twisted campfire jamboree, psych-gospel made by scuzzed out dune buggy death trippers, gadflies to the stars, dope dealers to the flower power elite. Recorded in 1970 but originally released in 1986, this cult - in both senses of the term - album by members of the "Family" contains private recordings (made at the notorious Spahn Ranch) of Charles Manson's unpublished songs while he was embroiled in legal proceedings. The infamous "Love & Terror Cult" and their paean to apocalypse. Buy or die!

Side A
01. Ride Away 03:51 
02. Love's Death 02:52 
03. Never Ask Why (Love Never Dies) 02:39 
04. No Wrong Come Along 01:44 
05. Get On Home 03:45 
06. Is There No-One In Your World But You? 03:06 
Side B
07. I'm Scratching Peace Symbols On Your Tombstone 04:46 
08. Give Your Love To Be Free 02:23 
09. I'll Never Say Never To Always 01:22 
10. Look At Your Love 02:40 
11. What Would You Have Me Do? 02:36 
12. Goin' To The Church House 07:35

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