Collector's first-ever LP release famous Japanese composer Taro Iwashirô's original soundtrack of the thriller masterpiece Memories Of Murder, (2004), directed by Boong Joon Ho (Parasite, 2018). The first and exclusive LP release for the soundtrack of Memories Of Murder, the film that changed modern thrillers forever and revealed acclaimed director Bong Joon Ho, winner of the 2018 Cannes Palme d'Or with Parasite. Composed by Taro Iwashiro, talented Japanese composer of 60 original soundtracks, including epic scores for John Woo's Red Cliff (2008) and major video game Onimusha 2 (2002).

Score entirely remastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, at 45rpm to ensure exceptional sound quality. Comes in gatefold sleeve; Sleeve designed by All City Media (designers of Nicolas Windin Refn's platform ByNWR.com); Printed inner sleeves with stills form the movie. Pressed at Pallas; edition of 1000.

A1. A Day Filled By Sunlight
A2. Prologue
A3. The Faces
A4. Why Don't You Surrender To Justice?
A5. Into The Darkness
A6. Crossing
A7. Against The Reed Bed
A8. Longing For The Rain
B1. Dark Light
B2. Introduction Of The Screaming
B3. Steps Without The End
B4. Running Away Under The Moonlight
B5. Eyes Of The Medium
B6. Another Side Of The Small Hill
B7. Breathing In A Moment
B8. Confession Of Guilt
B9. After The Confession
B10. On The Night Road
B11. Murder Notice

C1. Wan Face
C2. Exhaustion
C3. A Girl In The Darkness
C4. Tell Me Who You Are!
C5. The End Result From The Foreign Country
C6. Defeat And Despair
C7. Today Filled By Sunlight
D1. Epilogue / Memories Of Murder
D2. Memories Of Rain
D3. Memories Of Nightfall

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