Odisea is a retrospective showcase of solo work from Spanish electronic music pioneer Suso Sáiz. Having been at the forefront of Spain's experimental music scene since the late 1970s, multi-instrumentalist Suso Sáiz formed the pivotal group Orquesta de las Nubes and studio project Música Esporádica, releasing a string of albums on Madrid's now cult label Grabaciones Accidentales, which was also home to groups such as Finis Africae, Mecánica Popular, and Ishinohana. A prolific producer, he has recorded with Spain's most singular popular musicians as well as with a number of luminary electronic and world music artists such as Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, and Salif Keita. Odisea draws material from Suso's early solo works, including music from the rare cassette-only Confidencias as well as pieces from his more recent compositions, soundtrack works and previously unreleased tracks. An artist dedicated to experimentation, Suso's sparse compositions manifest a solitary and stripped back approach to making music. Fascinated by the possibilities of new technology he experimented with guitar loops, synthesizers, and drum computers creating a unique form of musical hypnotism absorbed by avant-garde/minimalist and non-Western musical influences. The most representative figure of Spain's now cult experimental scene, Suso Sáiz remains an exploratory musician in a musical universe that knows no boundaries.

01. Un Hombre Oscuro
02. Ya Son Dos Los Cielos
03. Nada De Lo Que Sucede
04 Para Que Pasen Las Termitas
05. Ceniza Humedia
06 Prefiero El Naranja
07. The Guardian
08. Light Is Not Like Life
09. Los Cielos Siempre
10. Una Gota De Asfolto
11. Se Que Estas Ahi
12. La Muerte Del Agua
13. The Ten Heads Of Someone
14. Linda Cubana
15. Tierra Media
16. La Mano Transparante
17. Apriendo A Amerizar
18. Odisea 3
19. Club Global
20. Mientras Tanto Oigo
21. Suelo Para Pisar
22. Maquina De Aliento

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