WAREHOUSE FIND! New boutique music label 'Spun Out Of Control' launches to publish & promote emerging electronic musicians & fledgling film score composers New London-based music label Spun Out Of Control has launched with a limited edition audio cassette release of the haunting score to Irish independent movie 'Sodium Party', written and produced by composer Steve Nolan.

Mix Clint Mansell together with Vangelis, Angelo Badalamenti and Nine Inch Nails and you have a flavour of the ever-changing and evolving sounds on offer
here ... but the recipe is all the composer's own. 

'Sodium Party', is actually Steve Nolan's second score, with the composer having a distinguished background in documentary work. Like any good film music, Nolan's soundtrack for 'Sodium Party' elevates the movie to which it is attached to a higher level. But moreover, devoid of the surrealistic, fairytale imagery of the movie that inspired it, it makes for an enchanting, haunting and surprisingly moving standalone listen ...

Presented as a limited edition is-track, 4S-minute split colour audio cassette (Side A white, Side B black), mirroring the duality of the lead character in the movie - and the fact that the lush score takes a darker, more industrial electronic feel on the second side. Limited to 100 hand numbered units worldwide. 

Graphic design by Eric Adrian Lee [Mondo/Deathwaltz/Giallo Disco)

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