From Water & Ream: Two beautiful new albums from Irish composer and electronic musician Steve Nolan, packed with dark drifting textures, cinematic atmosphere and strong melodies. Presented here as one strictly limited butterfly-style cassette case, featuring two different coloured tapes – one album on each.

Former keyboardist with 90s industrial rock band InDust, Nolan’s ‘From Water’ and ‘Ream’ provide a haunting soundtrack to life itself. Whereas From Water musically explores the universal aspects of life, the more densely layered Ream explores the personal.

Think Nine Inch Nails collaborating with Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti – with Nolan’s unique musical twists and turns making for a captivating, immersive listen.

The latest albums follow Steve Nolan’s feature film score ‘Sodium Party’, previously released on cassette and re-mastered vinyl by the same Spun Out Of Control label.

The cassette double pack for From Water & Ream features original paintings and artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. Download cards with all retail copies.

01. TIP 04:53
02. THE GHOST 03:15
04. REAMER 01:27
06. WATERWAY 02:38
07. BIRTH 03:46
08. BOUNCER 02:01
09. THE FIVE 03:56

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