“This is a soundtrack for the age of mass information, isolation and corrupted communication… experimenting with lo-fi found sound, dissonant noise, faulty tape loops and digital manipulation…”

The crackle of ghostly radio signals and sonorous drones blends with pitch-black electronica on ‘Intercept’, an album heavy on glitch-y atmospherics from industrial rock musician turned composer Steve Nolan and fellow electronic artist Grey Frequency, aka Gavin Morrow.

Released digitally and as a strictly limited run of cassettes on Spun Out Of Control (catalogue number SOS 037) – choose from Screen Static (blue glitter) or Blue Foil variants (100 copies of each) – this is very much a late night headphone listen, transporting the listener to otherworldly realms hidden in plain sight.

The score-like delivery devised by the inspired pairing holds obvious appeal for fans of Sunn O)))’s output, as well as Jóhann Jóhannsson’s Mandy soundtrack and, more recently Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow and the Insects’ work on DEVS.

“The lines of communication are now open…” So make sure you’re tuned in!

  • Limited Edition Cassette (Blue Foil Shell)

01. Firster 06:02
02. Been 05:15
03. The End Or The Exit 06:18
04. The Paddler 04:08
05. Pipe 03:32
06. Blimped 04:27
07. Not So Distant 04:15
08. Liquidate 04:58
09. In Private 05:13

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SOS 037

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