A Bay Of Blood (1971) is a film directed by Mario Bava, known for explicitly inspiring the Friday The 13th saga as well as for being the forerunner of the slasher genre, is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational masters of horror cinema. His magical use of camera zoom, off-field, and out-of-focus, and cynical and crude death set pieces, make it a masterpiece in which every scene exudes very personal and expressive poetry. Stelvio Cipriani's score, which develops a rich sequence of different themes and genres, and all accented by the evocative melodies and excellent orchestrations of the maestro, is brilliantly supported by the excellent rhythm performance of Enzo Restuccia on drums and Mandrake Som on the tumba and bongos. It is the voodoo-style percussion and violin that introduces the splendid original theme played by the maestro himself who plays piano, celestial, spinetta, harpsichord, and organ in the arc of the soundtrack. All in all, 21 tracks that make up the score: "Evelyn Theme", the bossa nova "Due Amanti", the dramatic and psychedelic "Un Cadavere Nel Lago", the Italian-style samba of "Giovani e Liberi", "Shake Giradischi", whose title is well representative, the tension the pursuit of "Inseguimento E Uccisione", the abstraction of "Ritrovamento Dei Cadaveri", and so many others.

  • First time on vinyl; Edition of 500 (hand-numbered)

A1. Ecologia Del Delitto (Titoli)
A2. Evelyn Theme
A3. Due Amanti
A4. Spiato
A5. Giovani E Liberi
A6. Tribal Shake
A7. Passeggiata Al Lago
A8. Shake Giradischi
A9. Slow Giradischi
A10. Un Cadavere Nel Lago
B1. Inseguimento E Uccisione
B2. Evelyn Theme (#2)
B3. Guidando Nella Notte
B4. Ritrovamento Dei Cadaveri
B5. Piano Diabolico
B6. Decapitata
B7. Solitudine Di Simone
B8. Ultimo Atto
B9. Teen-Agers Cha-Cha-Cha (Finale)
B10. Evelyn Theme (Alternativa)
B11. Teen-Agers Cha Cha Cha (Finale Versione Alternativa)

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