A chemist working on an experimental strain of LSD has a terrifying revelation: that he has been cloned, and that there are many versions of himself, in facilities around the world, conducting similar research. As he investigates further he discovers not only that this is true, but also that he may not be the original...

Bachmeier's last coherent story (and album) before vanishing was believed to be semi-autobiographical. His notebooks from around this time show that he truly believe he was nothing more than a clone, a hollow facsimile of a man, created in a laboratory as part of a larger experiment. He was utterly obsessed by the idea that he was a 'character' created by someone else, and merely one of many.

He is believed to have contacted a number of other people during this period, claiming that they too were fashioned in a similar way. The claims were dismissed as the ravings of a man who had partaken in too many chemicals, which only served to fuel his descent into paranoia, and his eventual disappearance.

  • Reagent Orange

01. The Process 03:56
02. Disorientation Video 05:19
03. Hidden Rooms Within The Facility 03:27
04. The First Trip 03:27
05. Pins On A Map, Names On A List 03:14
06. Unmarked Test Tubes 03:06
07. Multiplication 03:44
08. The Delusions Of A Sick Man 03:00
09. Copies Of Copies 02:07
10. On The Other Side Of The Vast Unblinking Eye 05:27
11. Meet The Author 02:03
12. You Are Not The Original 03:02
13. Moon Child 05:05
14. Döppel 04:19
15. Epilogue: Sedated And Safe 06:18

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