The Threat Of Memory five-CD box set by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet features all of Steven's and David's previously-issued recordings, made under their "Steven Stapleton & David Tibet" faces, on the first four CDs, as well as a fifth CD with previously unissued out-takes from the Musical Pumpkin Cottage (1996) recording sessions. It does not include the unissued out-take on side four of The Threats Of Memories (DPROM 141LP, 2018). Mastered by Andrew Liles, cover by Ania Goszczyńska, with handwriting by Tibet. Packaged in hinged box, with new artwork by Babs Santini on the individual sleeves as well as on the cover; includes booklet containing all credits and lyrics.

Disc 1
01. The Sadness Of Things 31:21
02. The Grave And Beautiful Name Of Sadness 21:22
Disc 2
01. The Dead Side Of the Moon 22:00
02. BubbleHead 23:06
Disc 3
01. The Dead Side Of the Moon 21:28
02. BubbleHead 19:55
Disc 4
01. I Left Her For A Cartoon Octopus 16:57 
02. The Fire Of The Mind 17:59
03. Just What Do You Mean By "AntiChrist"? 11:29
Disc 5
01. The Dead Side Of The Moon (draught) 05:23
02. The Dead Side Of The Moon part 2 (alternative) 09:40
03. The Dead Side Of The Moon (extended draught) 06:08
04. BubbleHead = DreamBreath 21:22
05. The Dead Side Of The Moon part 1 (alternative) 05:10
06. The Fire Of The Moon 13:12

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