With its fourth full-length album, Sospetto – aka Christian Rzechak, also the man behind Cineploit recording artist Pan/Scan – discovers a different course to take through the world of cinematic music. After journeying through numerous genres on previous releases Sospetto’s new output branches out into virgin territory: melodic themes wrap the listener in a web of sound, repetitive hypnotic rhythms lull you into a somnambulant, mysterious state of mind. These eleven tracks tell the story of the various levels of consciousness triggered by insomnia. We accompany a young woman (singer Christine Marks, whose voice is the main focus of the album) on her lustful and suffering journey, a story that ends in the pyrrhic redemption of eternal sleep. In contrast to earlier records there is little horror or Giallo-themed music. Nevertheless, the typical Sospetto style can be heard in every moment. Acoustic suspense for an existential drama. Romantic, eerie and terrifying. Sospetto is beckoning you to the land of slumber…

  • 180g Vinyl, printed Innersleeve 2-colored Vinyl

A1. Il Sonno Sano 5:55
A2. Il Sonno Leggero 3:01
A3. Disturbo Del Sonno 2:34
A4. Il Sonno Sano - Ripetendo 1 1:06
A5. Il Sonno Silenzioso 2:36
A6. Il Sonno Profondo 3:41
B1. Il Sonno Sano - Ripetendo 2 0:55
B2. Macanza Di Sonno 4:02
B3. Sonnambula 4:11
B4. Il Sonno Sano - Ripetendo 3 0:27
B5. Il Sonno Eterno 8:08

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