INCREDIBLE score. Sonia gets into spooky synth, post-punk and more on this album. Super diverse and arguably better than the movie itself.

  • RSD 2018 Unofficial Release
  • First time available on any format
  • Soundtrack to cult classic
  • Gatefold Packaging and pressed on colored wax

01. All Across the Cornfields of My Heart
02. Bedroom Scene
03. Sucker Punch
04. More Murder and Mayhem
05. Opening Theme
06. Paul’s Theme
07. Murder Theme
08. Heroic Feat
09. Marianne Finds Hawk
10. Running in the Night
11. Cops Beat Up Scene
12. Just When You Think It’s Safe
13. Barn Scare Massacre
14. Old Friends Gone Astray
15. Hank Saves Marianne
16. Hope for the Innocent
17. Worse Than Your Imagination
18. Derangement
19. Leave Me Alone
20. Now is the Time

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