Vertical Helix Scan (Demonstration Copy) is the first attempted communication with them. Lost in the far reaches of a place beyond time. Forgotten yet never without. This is us, this is them.

All sounds created using: Roland Juno-106, Roland SH-101, Moog Minitaur, Moog Sub37, Elektron Digitone, Waldorf Streichfett, Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Korg Mono/Poly and Ludwig Drums.

  • Edition of 100 Pro-Dubbed Cassettes on Translucent Red Shells
  • Includes Download code

01. Sundowner Syndrome 04:46
02. Outer Realm 06:28
03. Remote Viewing 06:32
04. Command Signal 04:00
05. Hysteresis 07:34

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