Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies of Skullflower on Werecat Powers Of The Crossroads At Midnight: "The continuation of the audio trilogy concerning the Darkness of Aegypt: the shadow stuff from whence dark dreams come. The Triad: dark, light and the animating serpent power are delineated by the Egyptian Gods Set, Horus and the Apep serpent. The second parting of the ways, lord of the crossroads, the double horizon, the xroads of day and night, the mauve zone, the death posture. We brought back: a twilight mechanism, and hymns to the charnel ground, ashes, jackals and the bulto hyaena, pacing the departure lounges of abandoned airports."

01. We Move On Points Of Shattered Mirrors 05:10
02. Charnel Ground 11:22
03. Departure Lounge 05:12

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