Continuing on in volume II of Skeme Richards’ “Shifting Gears” series, the international DJ / collector and digger once again pulls records from his crates to concoct an over 60 minute mix of breaks, samples, soundbites and assorted bits to take those who dig deeper on a journey down a road less traveled. From the rare and obscure to the recent and under the radar which will become future digs for the next generation, this mix is an equal balance of style and sounds from across the globe that will surely pique your curiosity and appetite to get your fingers dusty.

In keeping within traditions of previous tape kings of the 90’s, the entire mix was done using strictly vinyl, recorded direct to 4-track cassette then mixed down to a master copy ready for dubbing to preserve the warmth and analog sound. File under classic material for those with discerning tastes that separate them from the average.

  • All vinyl, over 60 minute mix.
  • Limited Edition cassette only 200 copies worldwide (No Digital)
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