Ritual is the product of a series of live late night ambient recording sessions, focusing track-by-track on different themes and aspects of witchcraft. From the opening drone of Blood Moon until the very last melodic notes of Ritual, its intent is to transport your mind to another place.

By nature, a ritual is a very ceremonial thing. Everything has its place, and everything has a purpose. The same as the cadence of a spell, or the ingredients to a potion, every track ebbs and flows in a delicate balance, at times slowly slipping under consciousness in a warm and inviting manner that dances with moments oftension to keep from tipping too far into the light.

The subtle beauty, even at its most lawless moments, pull listeners to the powers and true magic of ambient electronic experimental music. Blurring the lines between destruction and creation in an immersive and entrancing experience from start to finish.

Explore rhythm and witchcraft with this recently unearth artifact thought to be lost in space and time. This box is said to contain the powers of the elements and sound itself. The contents used to perform powerful rituals as old as the earth. Thought to have been made by droids with faces of snakes, hand crafted with the void of darkness and the light of gold. Hidden from the world, waiting to be unleashed by fate.

The box features gold printing on paper as dark as death. Inside you will find a purse containing elements used for hexes and curses, Ritual music, and original 12x12” serigraph.

  • Limited to 50 copies on 180g Black Vinyl
  • Includes download card

01. Blood Moon
02. Binding
03. Purification
04. False Faith
05. Death Walking
06. The Harrowing
07. Ceremony
08. Ritual
09. Void of Course (Digital Bonus Track)
10. Banishment (Digital Bonus Track

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