A tour de force of dramatic electronics from musician and sound designer Simon James (aka Simonsound & Death Waltz Originals artist Black Channels) performed on a Buchla Electric Music Box and a classic analogue Oberheim 4VS poly synth.

Inspired by the photography/origami project of artist Alma Haser, ‘Cosmic Surgery’ suggests a future where kaleidoscopic facial morphing is finally possible, providing people with the opportunity to choose their face to suit their mood, activity, or even their outfit.

The album soundtracks the process, from arriving at the waiting room, the procedure itself and the science, through to the deeper effects such technology may have on the human psyche. With Cosmic Surgery, it is simple to be whom you want to be – just think it and the Cosmic Surgery implant will do the rest!

Released on label Spun Out Of Control as a limited edition cassette with download, the run of 150 tapes is split between two collectable colored shells inspired by cover artwork and concept: choose from Scrubs Green or Anesthetic White.

Cosmic Surgery on cassette features Alma Haser’s photography/origami on a specially commissioned cover, plus label artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. Download card included.

  • Anesthetic White

01. The Waiting Room / Going Under 08:34
02. The Procedure 05:39
03. Nanoparticle Filtration 08:02
04. Subliminal Sound Pulses I 02:10
05. Coming Round 03:13
06. Be Who You Want To Be 04:30
07. Obsessive Gaze 04:25
08. Face Interface 02:22
09. More Than Just Skin Deep 05:12
10. Subliminal Sound Pulses II 03:25
11. Recovery 06:42

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