Finnish entity Silent Cabin emerged in the spring of 2016 as a vessel for and shelter from the muted, meditative strain of melancholia particular to long winter nights. His recently completed trilogy (Gates of Autumn, We Left, and Fragile Voices) charts a twilit terrain of slow-motion synthesizer, eroded stone, and waning moons but his latest sinks even deeper into the abandoned shadowlands of its creator’s nocturnal muse.

Gently Veiled bleeds minor key and processional, faded threads in a tapestry of martyred saints hung from crumbling rafters. It’s a music of lost time and paths unfinished, devotional relics turned to dust, cold corridors descending through labyrinths of the mind.

01. Gently Veiled
02. Thousand Nights
03. Melting Snow Revealing the Lost Words
04. Absence
05. Sleeping Halls of Frozen Tears

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