Scary! The face of the sister is a snake! ... the first time goods finger of Baaya is to poison spider The music world of Kazuo's fear is excavated! In the 1960s, based on the number of horror manga works serialized in "Weekly Shojo Friend" (Kodansha) by Kazuo Kozo, as a culmination of it A visualized fear movie "Serpent girl and white hair devil" was commercialized for the first time in history, 50 years after release! At CINEMA - KAN label, we discovered the sound source that was supposed to have been lost forever. Shikisuke Kikuchi leads to 'Ghost Story Man', 'Vampire Gokemidoro' and 'Insects Great War', a valuable record of fear music at the beginning of career revitalized by remastering craftsmanship by experienced engineers of soundtrack! Bonus track Also contains unused take.

01. Daiei Mark~Main Title (DB1 First Half A, DB1 Second Half)
02. Day of Farewell (DB2)
03. The Nanjo Family, Slightly Strange Mother~Nice Room~Glowing Eye in the Ceiling- (DB3 First Half, DB3 Second Half)
04. Mother at Midnight~Disappeared Offerings (DB4)
05. Father's Laboratory~Glowing Eye at the Altar (DB5)
06. Older Brother Tatsuya (DB6)
07. Beginning of Fear, the Doll's Music Box~The Snake Girl Appears- (DB7 First Half, DB7 Second Half)
08. Elder Sister Tamami (DB8)
09. Cold Hands, Terrible Dreams (DB9, DB10)
10. Your Sister is a Snake!? (DB11 First Half B, DB11 Second Half)
11. I want to Eat Soft Hands…… (DB12 First Half, DB12 Second Half, DB14)
12. Tamami's Secret (DB15)
13. Tamami's Hatred (DB16)
14. One in the Attic~Tamami's Sadness~Terrible Dream~The Silver-Haired Witch Appears- (DB17 First Half, DB17 Middle, DB17 Second Half, DB19)
15. Friendly Mother~Tamami’s Demon (DB20 First Half)
16. Tamami's Intimidation (DB20 Second Half)
17. The Silver-Haired Witch and the Swarm of Red Spiders (DB21)
18. Escape from the Attic (DB22)
19. Yamakawa Killed (DB23 First Half, DB23 Second Half)
20. The Nanjo House Enveloped in Flames (DB25 First Half)
21. Desperate Situation (DB25 IA)
22. Ending·The Promise with Elder Sister Tamami (DB26)

BONUS TRACKS “The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch” Outtakes
23. Daiei Mark~Main Title (DB1 First Half, DB1 Second Half A)
24. Your Sister is a Snake!? (DB11 First Half, DB11 Second Half A)
25. Desperate Situation (DB25 I)

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