Emotional Response and Ocean Moon come together for a special collaborative release, where Seahawks take the music of WOO on a journey to the inner sanctum. Immersive, psychoactive and phased to perfection.

For those who know not the music of WOO, prepare to behold a rare and magical incarnation of transcendent beauty.

Perhaps Seahawks most spaced out voyage since Vision Quest One: Spaceships Over Topanga Canyon, ‘Celestial Railroads’ is a psychedelic odyssey that goes way beyond the norm. Like Spaceman 3 remixing the KLF’s Chill Out or Vangelis’ ‘Earth’ covered by Acid Mothers Temple.

The floor is of blue clay
The walls of rain falling
The doors are of cloud
Wind is the windows
You know there is no ceiling
(Ursula K. Le Guin)

Breathe deep and journey on.

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