"Yet another follow-up; actually in this case a precursor to a prior Creel Pone, Ruth White’s “7 Trumps from the Tarot Cards • Pinions” (LS 86066) - originally released just eight notches before her “Flowers of Evil” (LS 86058) in the discography of the now-legendary Mercury Limelight series - in between, Pierre Henry’s “Mass for Today • The Green Queen” (LS 86065), the Percussion of Strasborg’s “Signals” (LS 86064) , Fifty Foot Hose’s “Cauldron” (LS 86062), “Response: Electronic Music from Norway” (LS 86061), and Pierre Henry’s “Variations for a Door and a Sigh” (LS 86059) - good company if there ever was such. Notably absent are ms. White’s terrifying deer-in-the-headlights vocals, but this only leaves room for all kinds of late-60s Psychedelic Electronic treatments, ranging from atonal Clavinet stabs to all kinds of home-brew & Modular Synthesizer glorp & even a bit of proto Drum-Machine wrangling - of course with tons of Tape echo and Reverb on everything, yielding a murky fog of dissonance that’s just right for your evening seance - a superb and stultifying set of mood pieces." -Keith Fullerton Whitman

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