‘Where The Dark Speaks’ provides a series of individual soundtracks to the ‘evil places’ found in the works of horror author Stephen King. Very much characters in their own right, Swiss based, Brit born composer Rupert Lally has in effect given each of these creepy locations – be it the town of Derry from IT or the Overlook Hotel from The Shining – their own theme tune.

Presented on limited edition cassette by Spun Out Of Control, with fittingly spooky artwork from label regular Eric Adrian Lee, choose between ‘Firestarter’ smoked and ‘Tommyknocker’ green cassette shells, each tape hand numbered for collectability.

Rupert says of ‘Where The Dark Speaks’: “A sense of place and the nature of a location is just as essential to King’s work as the creepy storylines or the graphic descriptions of horrific events. Not only because a sense of familiarity allows him to underpin the fantastic nature of the storylines with a level of detail, but also because of the reoccurring theme that a location is of vital importance to, and even partly responsible for, the events that transpire there.

“With that in mind, allow me to act as your sonic tour guide to some of the most malevolent spots in Stephen King’s fictional A-Z.”

  • Limited Edition Cassette - 'Firestarter Smoked' shell 

01. The Marsten House (Salem's Lot, 1975) 03:23
02. The Overlook Hotel (The Shining, 1977) 04:42
03. Gatlin, Nebraska (Children Of The Corn, 1978) 03:51
04. Frank Dodd's Room (The Dead Zone, 1979) 02:56
05. The Shop (Firestarter, 1980) 03:41
06. Darnell's Garage (Christine, 1983) 03:43
07. The Indian Burial Ground (Pet Sematary, 1983) 03:34
08. Tarker's Mills (Cycle Of The Werewolf, 1983) 04:29
09. Bridgton (The Mist, 1985) 03:31
10. Derry (It, 1985) 04:11
11. Haven (The Tommyknockers, 1987) 02:57
12. Room 1408 (1408, 2002) 02:24
13. Roof O'the World (Doctor Sleep, 2013) 02:06
14. The Institute (The Institute, 2019) 04:05

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