A month by month soundtrack of the sinister... Swiss based composer Rupert Lally crafts a series of 12 individual scores to fill your days with existential dread, while paying homage to the VHS-viewed slasher movies of the 1970s, 80s and 90s and their by turns dramatic and beautifully haunting synthesiser accompaniments.

The album ‘Maniac’s Almanac’ follows Lally’s previous well received film score-like releases on label Spun Out Of Control: 2019’s ‘The Prospect’ and 2020’s Stephen King inspired ‘Where The Dark Speaks’.

Cover art exclusive to this release is once again by Eric Adrian Lee. Available physically on limited edition cassette on a choice of ‘Two Faced Killer’ red & black split tape shell, or ‘Ghost Face Killer’ black/white shell with red pad print. Digital download included with all retail copies.

  • Limited Edition Cassette - Two Face Killer variant
  • RED/BLACK split shell

01. January – New Year, Old Grudges 02:44
02. February - Love You To Death 03:17
03. March - Cold Snap (Of The Neck) 02:37
04. April - Fools Die Slowly 02:49
05. May - Spring Breaking & Entering 01:33
06. June - A Midsummer Night's Scream 05:47
07. July - Fire In The Sky, Corpse On The Ground 03:46
08. August - Hot Bodies, Cold Steel 04:00
09.September - Summer's End, Murderous Beginnings 01:44
10. October - Trick Or Treat 03:52
11. November - Black Friday 04:40
12. December - Silent Night, Deadly Knife 07:28

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