Another thriller film score by Roy Budd, <The Marseilles Contract (The Destructors)> is reissued on LP for the first time. is a 1974 crime thriller directed by Robert Parrish, one of the directors of <Casino Royale (1967)>, starring Michael Caine, James Mason, and Anthony Quinn. The score is a prime example of Roy Budd’s signature action thriller jazz / crime sound but has been somewhat overlooked by Budd fans and soundtrack fans alike. The original album was only released in France on 7” for promotional use, and was previously reissued only once on CD in 1999 – all the more reason not to pass up this vinyl reissue packed with orchestrated jazz-funk, ‘Roy Buddish’ jazz tunes, and copious breaks.

  • First time on vinyl
  • Re-mastered from the original master tapes
  • Extensive liner-notes by Charlie Brigden
  • 180g heavy weight vinyl housed in gatefold tip-on sleeve

01. Main Theme (MC/M1)
02. MC/M2
03. MC/M3
04. Jazz it up (MC/M4)
05. Theme (MC/M5)
06. MC/M6
07. MC/M7
08. Theme (MC/M8)
09. MC/M9
10. MC/M10
11. MC/M11
12. MC/M12
13. Theme (MC/M13)
14. MC/M14
15. Theme MC/M15
16. End Theme MC/M16
17. House Mix MC/M17

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