The Barn is a new indie horror film that parties like it’s Halloween 1989. The score is a fresh mix of 80’s rock and synth jams composed by Rocky Gray, a Musician/Producer/Film & Video Game Composer from Arkansas most recognized as a former member of Grammy Award winning, multi platinum goth rockers Evanescence.

  • Retail edition available on standard black vinyl.

01. Nevermore Production Films Intro
02. Wheary Falls
03. Main Titles
04. Haunted House
05. Lovecraftian
06. Grody to the Max
07. I Don’t Believe
08. Backseat Lover
09. Hallowed Jack
10. Meat Grinder
11. Corn Maze
12. Miner Threat
13. The Candycorn Scarecrow
14. Seduction
15. The Boogeyman
16. Back to Hell
17. Tricked the Treat
18. End Titles

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