The original soundtrack of the Umberto Lenzi cannibal movie from 1980. Eaten Alive! is an extremely violent exploitation movie production which is still banned in most countries. „Mangiati Vivi!“ - the Italian soundtrack version - was distributed by Private Records in 2014 and the demand was much higher than the 500 copies ltd edition. 85 000 hits on the private records audio snippet video on youtube speaking for itself!!!.

Because of the collector prices up to 80 € and countless requests for more records the soundtrack get’s released internationally now. Cool stone age adventure look cover. Music produced and written by Italian composer Roberto Donati and Maria Fiamma Maglione. Distributed by Private Records.

Including the complete 1980 soundtrack, unreleased bonus tracks and remastered demo recordings!

  • "Eaten Alive!“ demonized light green vinyl 2016 edition

A1. Eaten Alive 2:19
A2. Stand By 4:27
A3. Into The Bush 2:00
A4. Bloody Rusty Saw 2:31
A5. Frikin' Bastard 1:51
A6. Killing 2 Parrots 1:24
A7. Speedway 2:46
A8. Free Time 3:45
A9. Piranhas 1:11
B1. Cannibal Ferox Theme 1:38
B2. City Man 3:24
B3. To Go Ahead 2:14
B4. Iron Nightmare 1:36
B5. Room Of Fear 2:36
B6. Jaywalkin Iguana 1:58
B7. Evil Eye 3:13
B8. Ripper's Coming 2:44
B9. Mad Dog 1:49
B10. Raging Evil 3:23

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