In 1995, Robert Rich joined underground sound design legend B. Lustmord (aka Lustmord / Brian Williams) for an extended journey inspired by the title and the hypnotic minimalism of Andrei Tarkovsky’s mesmerizing future-fiction film Stalker.

The album reveals the ambiguity lurking at the fringes of perception. A provocative contribution to the early ‘dark ambient’ scene. The album slowly reveals a psychoactive soundscape of shape-shifting shadows, dense subharmonic massings, subtle drone textures and ambiguous sound events lurking at the fringes of perception.

The seemingly unlikely pairing of Robert Rich, he of slow, gradually evolving electronic music, and B. Lustmord, creator of doomy, ambient industrial experiments – known for his work with Tool, SPK, Puscifer and The Melvins, has yielded a sublime musical entity known as “Stalker”. Having found a middle ground, it integrates Rich’s intelligent ambient style and Lustmord’s more threatening, even horrific industrial sound. Though their fundamental aesthetics might seem at odds, the joining of forces has yielded a synergistic whole which transcends their individual genius.

01. Elemental Trigger
02. Synergistic Perceptions
03. Hidden Refuge
04. Delusion Fields
05. Omnipresent Boundary
06. Undulating Terrain
07. A Point of No Return

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